Our Company

Two worlds collided to form Mazzi & Co., the passion project of interior designer Sandie Mazzi and her Moroccan husband, Radouane (Rad) Mazzi. Design and heritage are the bookends of their philosophy and the reason they went into business. Sandie runs a successful interior design company, S. Mazzi Interiors, while Rad moved permanently to the United States from his native Marrakesh in 2010. Mazzi & Co. evolved from their dual perspectives, her eye for beauty and his understanding of Berber customs and traditions. In the spirit of authenticity, they’ve amassed one of the most diverse selection of Moroccan rugs available stateside.


Our Products

Craftsmanship is at the heart of every purchase we make. We journey through different parts of Morocco in search of finds that elude tourists and travelers. We support traditional methods of production and a rich tradition in which artisans communicate through their work. Each rug is hand woven by women of the villages and reflects its connection to the craftsmen. In making our careful selections, we consider each textile for its beauty, its quality and for the meaning it will add to your space.